About iQueSoft

iQueSoft is an outsourcing company delivering Custom Software Development services and solutions serving US and European companies.
We specialize in Enterprise Software, Custom Web and Desktop Development. Since 2010 we are developing custom software for retail, logistics, advertising and other industries.

We are motivated and inspired to leverage advanced software technologies empowering your business to accelerate your growth, strengthen your market position and exceed your customer’s expectations.

We do believe that we make something special in the outsourcing world when it comes about productivity. By using the best technologies available from Microsoft (e.g. .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC web applications, Web Services, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) we are able to give you the best results possible.

As a reliable partner, iQueSoft provides clear guarantees, customer care, project support and legal liabilities, including protection of intellectual property rights and NDA.