iQueSoft offerings effectively enable communication, information access, and business transactions around the globe.

iQueSoft offers  a number of solutions, ranging from small one-time projects to large, complex offshore operations with a lot of full-time employees. We offer you the types of services:

Custom software development. iQueSoft provides you with a full set of services starting from business analysis through and development phase to deployment and maintenance of the end product.

Our team uses Scrum development methodology. It means developing software by short iterations and implementing top-priority functions at first. You are involved at each stage, give feedback and gradually adjust software functional to the market needs. Thus by the project completion you receive a product aligned with your business aims and market demands.

Our customers often delegate their IT part of business over to us to be able to focus on their core activities as iQueSoft has considerable experience in IT industry in the market of Eastern Europe working with customers from all over the world. We help companies to reduce their software development costs up to 50% thanks to outsourcing as well as provide them with expert teams in accordance with specific customer needs. So gain the reliable and stable partner for the further IT outsourcing in iQueSoft.

Consulting. Any business faces with certain challenges every once in a while – that’s when a fresh idea, a piece of good advice or a business analysis is highly recommended. We uncover and explore the needs and requirements for a preferred outcome, suggest potential suitable approaches, determine the most optimal one, and then design the best possible solution that is delivered to client’s budget, schedule and technical constraints. So don’t hesitate to contact our experts!

Outstaffing. As a full scale IT outsourcing service provider, iQueSoft is open to interest from international online marketing agencies, web design studios and other software vendors who are looking to capitalise on the establishment of a long-term partnership with a reliable offshore provider of software development.

We are in a perfect position to help you access the benefits of one of Eastern Europe’s premier outsourcing locations and, in the process, help your business increase its profitability. We provide a full cycle of hiring a highly-qualified IT specialist, or a team of experts specifically for your business projects. You save costs on an office space, insurance, taxes and accounting since the staff you hire is physically located with us, but we provide our support to ensure the flawless integration of the new team members.