• Enterprise Software

    The main goal behind enterprise software is to improve enterprise productivity and efficiency through business logic support functionality. We know how to turn this into reality. Using our knowledge, experience, ingenuity, perseverance, most modern approaches to the development, we've been developing CRM, HRM, ERP solutions for our clients.
    enterprise software
  • Web Development

    We develop complex custom web sites with an accent on business logic and innovative features using Microsoft .NET technologies stack. We know how to provide our customers with the greatest opportunities, choosing from a wide variety of modern technologies of web development, the one that is best for you.
  • Retail Software

    We've been developing Retail software for a decade. During this time we've gained the knowledge how to build almost any type of apps used in Retail. From small inventory apps to sophisticated POS applications for supermarket chains and a broad range of hardware like handheld barcode scanners, industrial printers, digital scales, RFID readers, etc.

About iQueSoft

iQueSoft is an outsourcing company delivering Custom Software Development services and solutions serving US and European companies. We specialize in Enterprise Software, Custom Web and Desktop Development. Since 2010 we are developing custom software for retail, logistics, advertising and other industries. We are motivated and inspired to leverage advanced software technologies empowering your business to accelerate your growth, strengthen your market position and exceed your customer’s expectations. We do believe that we make something special in the outsourcing world when it comes about productivity. By using the best technologies available from Microsoft (e.g. .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC web applications, Web Services, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) we are able to give you the best results possible. As a reliable partner, iQueSoft provides clear guarantees, customer care, project support and legal liabilities, including protection of intellectual property rights and NDA.

The folks at iQueSoft are amongst the most reliable, proficient, and capable team we have worked with. Their support of our efforts has enabled us to actively grow our business and make commitments to our clients we know we can keep. They know their stuff!

– says Sam Rizvi,
VP-Delivery, Aericon, Inc. Boston's Leading Digital Marketing Agency

I was really impressed about what I have seen. All the functionalities we have been discussing are present(and even some more), all were working well and the program neither crushed nor failed at no one single moment. The speed is more than acceptable and the user-friendliness is according to what one can expect from a program

– says Pierre De Shepper,
Business Process & Quality Manager

We are glad that we have chosen iQueSoft for implementation of our project. They are very responsible for what they do and demonstrated the high level of understanding the specificity of our work

– says Dmitriy Gordeichuk,
Director at InfoIndustry in Ukraine.

iQueSoft is a class A+ provider. Would recommend to everyone.

– says Brent Anderson,
Director at FM Projects in Greater Los Angeles Area.

Guys, you are very talented group of people. Hope there will be an opportunity to cross our roads again.

– says Nir Pinhasov,
VP R&D at Playwise.
We focus on gathering all necessary data which is important for a project to be successful.
  • CONCEPT- analysis of the business needs
  • Definition of a project scope
  • Evaluation of technical alternatives
  • Formation of the project acquisition strategy
  • Approval of project costs and obtaining project funding
  • Definition of planning roles and responsibilities
  • Development of the initial Work Breakdown Structure
  • Approval to progress to the design phase
We consider design stage to take as its initial input the requirements identified in the approved requirements document. For each requirement, a set of one or more design elements will be produced as a result of interviews, workshops, and/or prototype efforts.
We follow Agile development using Git so that developers can work independently of each other before trying to merge their work with the work of others.
We use two Deploy environments: testing/dev and Production. All the work should first push on dev environment and after testing we use to push on production server.
The deployment of the system includes changes and enhancements. We follow Project Management Tool which will be last long for any future and maintenance work.