Our customer, the company FreeOnlineSurveys from Great Britain, has already been providing services in conducting online surveys for businesses and individuals for over 10 years. Businesses use such services to receive customer/product feedback, to book people into events and to conduct employee satisfaction surveys. Students and academics use the service to collect a wide range of data on any topic one can imagine. There is also a large number of government and charity organizations using the services.

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Initially, the customer had a Web-application written in an older version of ASP (VBScript). These technologies are heavily outdated and not used anymore in modern Web applications. It was very hard to add new functionality to the existing application without breaking some other functionality.

To add new features or to maintain the existing application and to fix old bugs it was necessary to rewrite the Web-application as well as to create a new modern application.

As the customer already had a customer database iQueSoft had the task to make a new solution fully compatible with the existing service’s database and also it had to be based on new a approach to web-application development (ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS).


It was difficult to implement because the code quality was poor and there wasn’t any documentation for the product that is why our developers first had to work out how the old code works and then to start the development of a new web-application.



  • To develop Single Page Application from the old one
  • To rewrite the existing application from ASP in ASP.NET
  • To implement the old database, themes for surveys in the new solution



For this project development the customer looked for a team of developers, who have a considerable experience in Web-development and would be able to meet the challenges of the project. They chose iQueSoft. Two backend developers, a front-end developer and a QA Engineer participated in the project. We were in touch with the customer via Skype and e-mails.

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For this project we have developed Unit tests for testing difficult parts of the code in order to reduce a number of errors during the future development. We also used Continuous Integration for frequent project merging and early revealing and solving of integration problems, Continuous Deployment for the installation of the application on the back-end after passing the tests.

The project development lasted 14 man/months. During that time we developed a SaaS solution with different types of subscriptions. For the payment of the subscriptions we used the technology BrainTree.

To start using the Web-application users need to sign up, create an account, than they can start to test the application for free entering the editor, where surveys can be created. This application has 4 types of surveys: quiz, poll, survey, form.


After a survey creation users can send it to their contact lists via e-mail. As soon as respondents have answered the survey questions, users can check their answers and draw special conclusions. The customer is pleased with the fact that the new application works in the same way as the old one and can be maintained easily. Now the project is in production, but we are still adding new features to the application.